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Special Offers - Cubbies, Swingsets & Climbing Frames

Our range of children's wooden climbing frames are designed for your children in your back garden. Our play equipment has a selection of popular features such as swings, slides, monkey bars, climbing walls, and integrated playhouses. Suitable for children aged 3-12yrs of all abilities, and specifically manufactured to make DIY home-build as easy as possible.

We have the best selection of wooden climbing frames in New Zealand, including a selection of play systems with swings for those with limited space for kids play equipment. All our climbing frames are manufactured from premium cedar, and Selwood Climbing Frames and wooden cubby houses include a 10-year wood warranty so you can rest assured they're fun, safe and durable! If you need any help choosing a climbing frame please don't hesitate to contact us via live chat, email or telephone.

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  • Holt Climbing Frame

    82 Review(s)
    Holt Climbing Frame
    Width 1.83m x Depth 2.79m x Height 2.60m

    RRP - $1,799.00 Save 50%

    Special Price: $899.00

    Availability: In-Stock

    Save: $900 (50%)

  • Hazelwood Climbing Frame

    12 Review(s)
    Hazelwood Climbing Frame
    Width 3.66m x Depth 3.86m x Height 2.68m

    RRP - $2,699.00 Save 62%

    Special Price: $1,019.00

    Availability: In-Stock

    Save: $1680 (62%)

  • Meadowside II Climbing Frame
    Width 3.95m x Depth 3.21m x Height 2.6m

    RRP - $2,599.00 Save 58%

    Special Price: $1,099.00

    Availability: In-Stock

    Save: $1500 (58%)

  • Storytime Cedar Cubby

    25 Review(s)
    Storytime Cedar Cubby
    Width 1.27m x Depth 1.67m x Height 1.75m

    Availability: In-Stock

  • Skyline swingset

    56 Review(s)
    Skyline Swingset
    Width 5.5m x Depth 3.7m x Height 3.23m

    RRP - $6,399.00 Save 55%

    Special Price: $2,849.00

    Availability: In-Stock

    Save: $3550 (55%)

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5 Item(s)