Welcome the New Wake Climbing Frame

The Wake Climbing Frame is fantastic choice for Climbing Frame as it maximizes enjoyment, but minimizes the space therefore being ideal for those smaller yard sizes. The Wake Climbing frame boasts a large raised play deck, chalkboard, ample viewpoints, a rock wall ladder, a straight slide and also has room for a spacious sandpit area beneath the upper deck if you wish to an extra surprise.

Here are some of the main features which intrigue our customers:

– Suitable for a more smaller sized back yard or for those who do not want to take up too much backyard space but still want a quality frame which entails endless hours of fun and play time. With dimensions of 124.00cm in Width and 316.00cm this frame can fit within all sized backyards.

– 4ft High Deck (1.2m) is our most popular deck height as it is a fantastic compromise between being a sensible height for the smaller and younger children and still high enough to keep older children amused and allow them explore throughout the frame for years to come.

– 2.2m Straight Slide with added wave for thrilling yet safe descent. Our slides have extra high rails to help children get onto the slide and help prevent any falls. The bottom of the slide is flatter, to help children end with their feet (and not their bottoms) on the ground. No more bumps, bruises and no more grass stains!

– Ladder and also Solid Rock Wall which helps slowly develop the upper body strength of your children as they grow and learn to pull their own body weight up and find their next spot to continue their journey. The rock wall is always great for those older children as well for an extra challenge as along with the development in upper body they will find their concentration, hand eye coordination, other motor skills and physical benefits will improve.

– Vinyl ABC Chalk Wall as drawing is the perfect way to encourage a child’s creativity and what better way than having this feature on your playset from Climbing Frames NZ. The vinyl chalk wall is easy to wipe clean and keep neat and tidy which helps keep their creative minds always vibrant.


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