We only use the best

All of our Climbing Frames are manufactured from cedar wood, it is sustainably grown and harvested so for every tree cut down several saplings are planted. This means that we are not causing any harm to our beautiful forests!


Unlike plastic or metal, wood ages without losing its structural integrity and looks better with age. Natural wood tones blend with the garden rather than standing out within it which is just another bonus.

We choose to use cedar wood because of the wood’s natural beneficial characteristics which make it ideal for outdoor play equipment, wooden swing sets and cubby houses plus cedar wood looks great in any garden!

Cedar is an extremely durable wood which is resistant to warping, twisting and responds well to high humidity. It’s also got a fantastic natural resistance to rot, decay and insect attack meaning it doesn’t need chemical treatment like pine wood. It has a very tight knot structure, minimal cracks, checks and is soft to touch this means it looks nicer and feels better.

Cedar wood is low maintenance and does require a little work once a year to keep it in good condition and looking brand new. You can do this yourself by using a water based or oil based sealant that can be purchased in any DIY store.

All of our sets come with step by step instructions for easy assembly. We have various climbing frames and playhouses available on the website to purchase now and we offer a 5 or 10 year guarantee for all rot and decay. All of our climbing frames and cubby houses come with a water based colour stain already applied, this is for colour only and it’s also environmentally safe and child friendly.

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