The Tube Slide

Kids wooden climbing frames with tube slides are one of our most popular features. Suitable for all sizes of gardens, and all ages of children, the tube slide is fun and safe.

Our enclosed tube slides are the crème de la crème, providing a 12ft (3.65m) ride. The amazing tube slide takes up minimal space in your garden but offers an amazing ride for your children!

With almost a complete spiral in the middle and a flat section at the bottom, children can finish with their feet. Not their bottoms! Ready to go around again!

Slides are incredibly fun, whether you’re young or old you cannot deny the excitement of zipping through the air as you safely make you way down towards the exit.

Our tube slides are fully enclosed and curves around almost a full 360 degrees, providing an exhilarating ride. This is a particularly popular slide with children and it is also a great space saver.

The fully enclosed tube slide provides an exciting, twisty and speedy ride back down to terra firma. With total adrenaline in mind, these fantastic tube slides are designed to thrill, so we can create a truly magical ride for all!


Exclusive to us, our slides are manufactured in our Canadian factory from UV protected HPDE plastic provides great strength, stability and will resist losing colour for years.

The spiral slide is enclosed to so there is no way of falling as children fly down the slide that spins in on its self and gives kids a completely different experience to a straight slide. With it being enclosed, it adds to the sensory experiences going into the unknown its one for the explorers, older kids love this and younger ones will follow them once they see them land safely down the bottom. This ensures it’s solid and durable for children of all ages (3-14 years).

This slide is enclosed so you cant hold the kids on the way down, but it has reduced gradient and step at the bottom meaning they land on their feet. At the exit of the slide the gradient has been reduced and the slide opens up to provide a spacious area to leave the slide safely.

The tube slide is available in green and yellow, depending on which climbing frame you pick.

We have a fantastic range of climbing frames with the popular tube slide feature that can be seen here:

What do you call the tube slide?

-Tunnel Slide?
-Twist Slide?
-Enclosed Slide?
-Curly Slide?
-Mega Tunnel?
-Chute Slide?

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