Small Backyard? No problem, we got you covered!

We understand that not every one has the same backyard space as the next person might so at Climbing Frames we like to accommodate for all customers and their specific needs in terms of space requirements. You have the options of cubby houses, different style forts with no swing attachments or smaller sized climbing frames which still make the happiness and creativity of your child shine everyday, we guarantee. We believe in providing products that suit all our customer needs while having a caring statement and stunning product within the backyard and an provide an even bigger impact on your kids hearts.

Small Climbing Frame- Big Features:
Even though your climbing frame and space to utilize might be smaller, you can rest assure it will still be just as sturdy, just as safe and have just as much accessories as those seen on the bigger frames. The backyard is a great place to venture and play in especially as technology grows we should always remember to promote healthy outdoor activity and our climbing frames will make sure the forget what technology and TV is! Providing their own little playground makes it an even more of a special experience and one they will stamp as their favorite childhood memory. Below we have identified some of the key play features found upon our smaller framed climbing sets:

rendle– Fun Slides: When the kids have made their journey to the upper deck and decide its time to come back to ground level they can make a thrilling speedy slide back, our speedy slides found upon the small sized climbing frames are fast and exciting in speed in terms of kids levels yet have high safety railings so there is no chance your child can sway off the side or become in danger at any time. With those high rails and being highly durable it can withstand children climbing upwards and around and is a hit in every backyard.

– Children Swings and Play equipment: We use flexible belt seats that come in yellow to provide a comfortable and supportive ride to ensure hours of fun. They bend and mold as children sit in them to ensure they are positioned and secure in the seat in an attempted to avoid them slipping or falling out. We also have trapeze bar swings which assist in the growth development of the child’s upper body a lot and have them moving their bodies around. We also provide 2-child gliders where children sit back to back and glide front to back, this is an interactive option they can use with their friend or sibling and adds to the enjoyment of the frame.

– Baby Swing Seats: We also think of the little ones at Climbing Frames,
our baby seats are a way to safely get the little ones involved as we have two different styles of baby seats. We provide both the High Back Baby Seat where the back base is elevated imagesand helps support the neck and back section a little more while we also have the Baby Buckets which is basically as you see within commercial playgrounds, rounded seat with two holes to place their legs safely into.

– Monkey Bars: This feature of the Monkey Bars can be seen on a few smaller sized climbing frames as apart of the Monkey and Swing Beam Combo, this provides the perfect excuse for children to monkey around and improve both their core and upper body strength. This climbing activity helps with kids strength, coordination and confidence to venture out into new challenges. Monkey bars are one of the most popular features and they maximize the lifespan of your play set as it enables them to continue utilizing the frame as they get older.

– Other features: On some of our frames we provide rock wall ladders which are perfect for those little climbers of all abilities with open gaps to put their feet in or they can utilize the rock wall components to climb onto the upper fort section. While some have a solid rock wall (no gaps for the ladder) providing a more challenging climb as your children get older and can be seen upon our website images. Along with that we provide a Vinyl ABC Chalk Board with most of our sets to allow the creativity in your child to shine and also the lower section on some can be transformed into a sand pit area, ball pit area etc this will have to be done on the customers accord but always good to point out the possibilities of our frames.


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