Our 4 Types of Swing Beam

Swings have been around for years and everyone seems to develop memories and friendships on swing sets at home or out at the park using this popular toy.

Our outdoor wooden playgrounds come in 4 different types of swing beam – a 2 position swing beam, a 3 position swing beam, a 2 position monkey ladder swing beam or a 3 position swing beam. In this blog, we will be explaining the difference between each!

The 2 position swing beam comes on climbing frames like the Hazel and Sandy. These are perfect for those who are limited on space. 

The 3 position swing beam is the same as above, but bigger! The majority of our playsets come with this option, like the Glee and Peak for example.

Moving onto the 2 position monkey ladder swing which is on the Meadowside II for example, this again is great for those with smaller gardens as you are fitting lots of features into a compact space. 

This is simply a monkey bar above the swing beam – 2 in 1! The swings clip onto the hooks and can be used as normal OR you could remove them and swing from the rungs which provides the perfect opportunity for your children to test their limits and see how far they can climb. The monkey bars are great for helping to build your child’s upper body strength.

The 3 position monkey ladder swing beam can be found on bigger sets like the Althorp and Duke which maximises swinging options with a vast array of activities.

All of our swing beams have a universal clip so the actual swings can be swapped around easily!

We sell 4 types of swings too:

Our kids outdoor swing sets are fantastic for all ages. Our flexible belt swing seats grip children’s hips as they sit, allowing them to swing with confidence. Our ropes are manufactured from softgrip nylon, ensuring it is both gentle on kids hands, and durable.

Older kids will enjoy the trapeze aerobatic bar swings because they’ll be able to climb, spin and hang on the metal acrobat bar, or durable plastic trapeze handles. The handles move and spin, so it’ll really challenge and develop their grip and strength. 

Younger children love the 2-child back-to-back glider. Unlike a normal swing, which pivots around a central point, the glider is fantastic fun as it ‘glides’ back of forth because it is mounted to 4 swing mounts. The glider also pivots at the front and back, meaning children can propel themselves, either on their own, or with siblings and friends.

We stock an add-on baby swing so the whole family can play together! The seat is suitable for children aged from 6 months to 36 months. The intergral T bar support, waist strap and high back provide plenty of restraint and support to ensure a safe and enjoyable swing.

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