Learning to Climb

Climbing is something that young children naturally seem to enjoy doing, and getting them involved in climbing as a regular activity can provide a huge range of physical and mental image--03-06-2013-8-36-311--07-06-2013-5-14-28__22-07-2015-2-13-30benefits.

Countless studies have proven that outdoor play plays a vital role in helping enhance a child’s overall development. Within the outside environment children can move freely having ample space and opportunity to develop loads of skills.

All young children love being outdoors and have lots of energy to release throughout the day. Outdoor play and physical activity offers children opportunities to be free through jumping, running, climbing and swinging they can challenge themselves from an early age.

A few years ago climbing frames were generally seen to be something only the rich could afford but as want and need for such things increases the demand is met bringing the prices down. This is fortunate as parents become more and more worried about letting their children out of their sight. Letting your children go off to a park or play area on their own is not an option in many cases, and the opportunity to take them and supervise does not happen every day. Now play equipment is not beyond financial reach for a lot of people, more and more families have the opportunity to provide an exciting and stimulating play environment in their own home.

All of our plays sets are designed to help enhance children’s motor skills and offer healthy challenges along the way. The challenge of learning to climb is one that all children love to take on and conquer. We offer a variety of differing rock walls, ladders and monkey bars which all help the little ones to grasp this skill.

A large proportion of our play sets offer what we call our rock wall ladder combination. This combines both the rock wall and ladder aspect into one unit and allows children the choice of both options. It features a slatted rock wall with climbing rocks fastened to each panel. Children can challenge themselves when climbing and enter the fort using only climbing rocks. Or for those who are less daring or younger children the slatted ladder steps offer a safer ascent.


All our climbing frames are designed for home build and accommodate the needs of all garden sizes. By having one of our fantastic play sets in your back yard children have a great outlet to outdoor play within the safety of their own home.

Key Benefits include:

Focus and concentration: Climbing requires a great deal of extreme focus and concentration, and these are skills that serve children immensely as they grow up, both academically and beyond.

Hand-eye coordination: Climbing uses all four limbs to manoeuver a difficult obstacle, and using them in a coordinated fashion is definitely required. It’s a great exercise for kids to start at a young age, since this is when they start to develop fine motor skills.

Problem-solving skills: Climbing a wall is just like solving a problem, and solving these particular problems requires both mental and physical skills.

Self-esteem: Gaining the skill to climb requires that kids learn how to think and act with confidence, making quick decisions about the best path to take, and relying on their own physical strength and mental abilities.

IMG_0306__12-08-2015-10-53-11Overcoming fears: Climbing is perfect for allowing kids to explore their abilities in a safe environment. Once they master the challenge they will learn that it can be a fun to face your fears and they can be proud of giving it a go when they thought they might struggle or not be able to do it on their own.

Trust and team-building: Working with a climbing partner is a great way for children to learn about working with others as part of a team, and about trusting others to provide the help they need to handle an obstacle.

Body confidence: With all its physical and mental requirements, climbing is not an easy sport, and the physical skills that it fosters can help children feel more confident in their bodies. It’s greatly beneficial for children entering adolescence, as this is an age when they naturally start to feel more self-conscious.

Building physical strength: Climbing is about much more than building physical strength, but the benefits of this particular aspect of the sport can’t be overstated. Kids who develop physical strength become more confident.

Setting and achieving goals: When they climb, children learn that they can achieve difficult goals. And because not every climb will be a success, they also get something equally important: the chance to learn from their mistakes, and figure out how to succeed the next time.

Respecting nature: Once children become capable to climb, they gain even more benefits. Spending time outdoors is itself scientifically proven to reduce stress, and connecting physically with nature helps kids develop a healthy respect for it. Another great benefit is that children have the chance to develop other outdoor interests, and learn about the natural environment.


We can see right away that not only are they having fun, they are also using their bodies in healthy ways. In fact, they are physically rejuvenating themselves. As they use their muscles actively and breathe deeply while playing, they bring added oxygen to their muscles. All the while, their bodies produce various endorphins that have positive effects on mood and activity level. However, we don’t “see” all the physical development – We just see them playing.

So give your kids the chance to build all aspects of themselves in your very own backyard and purchase a Climbing Frame today!!!

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