Top 5 reasons to get your kids outdoors

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to get your kids outdoors and keeping active.

Physical activity will:

  1. help them develop and grow – it’s especially important for strong bones, muscles and joints, and a healthy heart and lungs
  2. improve their coordination and movement
  3. build their confidence and social interaction skills
  4. help them avoid becoming overweight or obese
  5. see them through – activity habits developed in childhood last for a lifetime

It’s so easy for children to just sit inside in front of the TV or the game console but is this really the lifestyle you want for them?

Nearly two-thirds of children aged 5–14 watch two or more hours of television a day.

  • Encourage children to get out and get active.
  • Keep screen time to less than two hours a day.

Do it together

You and your children can have lots of fun staying active together. It’s a great way to get some quality time with the whānau.

Tip: Get the children to help you round the house and garden – it’ll make your life easier, and help keep them moving!

Climbing Frames New Zealand have the perfect climbing frames full of features and great activity to get your kids outdoors and moving and getting fit:

Monkey Bars – great for muscle development and strength & maintain balance and achieve coordination within the body.

Belt Swings & Trapeze bar – swinging promotes general fitness alongside children’s everyday play.  Outdoor swings also help with movement and perceptual skills.

Rockwall  – all kids have a natural desire to climb and our combination rockwalls and solid rockwalls will provide an all over body workout that involves both power and cardiovascular endurance.

Slides – all kids love climbing up a slide as much as they do sliding down. We offer a variety of shapes & sizes of slides so there’s a slide for every backyard.

For most children, the benefits of physical activity outweigh any risks and muscle and bone-strengthening activities can both reduce the chances of injury!

By getting your kids in good habits now means they’re at less risk of chronic diseases and obesity later in life.

A climbing frame will definitely be something that your children will love for years to come and even better, it’s also good for them!

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